Quick, efficient, transparent donating structures

Open Impact Foundation sets up the structures digital public goods initiatives need to focus on driving social impact.

A dynamic protected cell ecosystem

Expand the reach of your impact

Donations are deployed in an advisory-driven governance process.

OIF Cells

Empowering digital public goods

OIF facilitates support for digital public goods by aggregating multi-sourced donations, both crypto and fiat. Different Cells provide legal autonomy within OIF, enabling donors to contribute to existing initiatives or propose new ones. This collaborative approach shapes ecosystems focused on public good advancements.

Making every donation as efficient as possible

Donors have the flexibility to donate in both fiat and crypto, with each contribution being utilized to support digital public goods. Our framework maximizes donation impact, guided by governance mechanisms, ensuring effective allocation and usage of every contributions for meaningful projects.

Join us in shaping a digital ecosystem that is immensely impactful

With Open Impact Foundation’s support, your donations can transcend traditional boundaries and make a lasting difference.